nd0474h aux/cam cable explanation - Pumpkin Android 8.0 Opel

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nd0474h aux/cam cable explanation - Pumpkin Android 8.0 Opel

Postby Bobbert » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:08 pm

Dear All,

I just bought the nd0474h unit. It's an android 8.0 unit for Opel. It includes a canbus adapter for Opel.

The manual does not contain an explanation of the cables that were delivered. Please give me an explanation of the following, where I put question marks. What do they control or when do they get power.

Cam in Cable
R CAM (Reverse camera input)
Brake (?)
Reverse (?)
Amp & Ant Con (?)
Gnd (Ground)
Batt+ (Battery +)
SWC1 (?)
SWC2 (?)
Illumi (?)
Acc (?)
Cam PWR (?)

Aux Input Cable
R in (?)
L in (?)

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Re: nd0474h aux/cam cable explanation - Pumpkin Android 8.0 Opel

Postby Jammy » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:54 am

1.Brake. you can ignore this wire.
2.Reverse.this wire had should been connected to the can bus box already or you can connect it to the positive pole of the rear car light .When you put the car in reverse , it get around 12V power and the unit will switch to the rear image mode .
3.Amp&Ant .this wire constantly get 12V power while you power the unit. You can connect it to the remote connector of the amplifier or the power wire of the radio antenna to make them work.
4.SWC1 or SWC2.these both are the control wire of the steering wheel control .You can connect one of them to your steering wheel control wire of your original connector.However, since you car has a can bus system ,then you can ignore them and leave them alone.
5.illumi. this wire control the brightness of the screen. This wire should has been connected to the can bus box .when you turn of the car front light ,the screen would become dim.
6.Acc .this red wire get power when you switch your car key to acc position or ignition , then the unit are able to start on .
7.CAM PWR .This wire will support 12V power usually for the front cam. If you don't have one , ignore it .R
8.R in or L in . the left audio channel input or the right audio channel input.If you have a external audio source , you can connect it to this two cable and click the AV-In app on the menu .
Any query ,you can directly contact the pumpkin customer service or write to support@autopumpkin.com to get help .

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