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[Radio]Android Headunit with SKU: C0241/ C0252/ C0257 radio app stop working solution

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:01 am
by Andy
Note: Solution only for Pumpkin item with SKU: C0241/C0252/C0257
Due to the calendar issue on headunit related to the radio app, when date comes to year 2016, the radio app will stop working or even not able to be called out or open. Please kindly download the newly released radio app apk file from the following link, and replace the old one pre-installed in the radio, the problem will be solved!
Here is the link to download the new app:!1YcVRSBI!rtJ6O4p-PtMoazqYIFtVaD9oHfcxoAx2K7ybZIKwqIc

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After download, you copy it to an USB sitck, and then plug to the headunit USB port. You may need the ES file explorer from the headunit to replace the old app.
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