Before you wrote problem on this forum

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Before you wrote problem on this forum

Postby Jammy » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:33 am

Hi all,
Thanks for purchasing our unit and we promise to provide the best after-sale service for you.
If you have any problems with your unit,you can write on this forum.In order to provide you effective solution,
firstly,we need you to provide us the order number in amazon or buyer id in ebay,Pumpkin or AliExpress so that we can confirm more information about your unit .If your SKU of the unit is begin from "11" such as 11-RQxxxx,we also need to confirm the screen resolution if it need to update the firmware.Hope your kind understanding.
In addition,we hope you can tell us about the problem detailedly. We will be appreciated if you attach some pictures or video on the post,because the picture and video can directly and correctly show your stereo problem,isn't it.If you do so,it will be very helpful to save the time to solve your problem because we needn't to ask you again about these information.
Please don't write your problem of the unit on this thread/post.I suggest you create a new thread/post and tell me about your problem and attach the info i need above.
Hope you know.

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