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PDC don´t work and the system shut down...

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:39 pm
by moshpotatoo
Hello all,

I bought Pumpkin PX3 for my Ford Galaxy WA6 (built in 2014). Basically I´m satisfied with the new System, but I have two problems.

Problem #1: PDC don´t work.
My PDC don´t work. I read in this forum to change the Can-Bus in the factory settings, but there is no setting for the Ford Galaxy, only for the Ford Mondeo. Can anybody help which setting I need to choose?
The PDC are in the front and in the back of the car.

Problem #2: shut down of the PX3 system:
If I want to use the PX3 system, I need to push on-button. Basically no problem.
But I also need push the on-button, if I want to shut down the system. So the energy supply in the starter lock has no influence to system.
That means, if I forget to push the button my battery runs low.
I hope you understand my problem.
Can anybody help?

Thank you for your support.


Re: PDC don´t work and the system shut down...

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:44 am
by Jammy
Hi, please first tell me your order number so that i can confirm your unit model?