How to set and keep the correct time in android 8.0 unit

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How to set and keep the correct time in android 8.0 unit

Postby Jammy » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:35 am

Dear customers,
Recently few of our clients happen to find that the display time didn't update correctly. In fact, there are three important points to keep the time shows correctly.
1. the yellow wire from the power cable get 12V constantly. This wire provides a little current when you plug out the car key to make the unit remember something.
2. the GPS antenna connect well and works normally.
3. the time zone set correct.
Here is an video for your reference.https://youtu.be/o4WcNHEl2Fs
Any query, you can contact the pumpkin customer service or the seller.
I suggest you attach these information:
Your Amazon order ID&order date:
The details of the issue(when did it happen&what happened&what did you try to do to fix it);
Attachments(It couldn't be better if you would provide us with pictures or video link);
It will help us understand the issue and provide you right solution.
Your car model and made years;
You phone model and system version(if it is regarded);
The rest of the supplement.

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