[DVD]How to Remove a Stuck CD/DVD Disc from Car Stereo?

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[DVD]How to Remove a Stuck CD/DVD Disc from Car Stereo?

Postby Andy » Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:58 am

Method 1: Using an Extra CD
Grab a blank or useless CD. This method involves inserting a second CD into the player, so, to prevent damage to a beloved album, try to procure a blank CD or one that you otherwise don't care about.
Turn the CD player on before proceeding. If this requires you to start the car, then start the car and turn the CD player on.
Note: This method, like several others in this article, carries the risk of damage to the stuck CD or the player itself. Use caution when inserting any foreign objects into your CD player. If you're ever worried about damaging your CD player, stop and take your problem to a professional.
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Place the second CD about 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep into the slot. Your CD should be above the stuck CD. With luck, you'll be able to feel the stuck CD slide beneath the one in your hand.
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Press the 'Eject' button and gently wiggle the CD around. By doing this, you are attempting to give the stuck CD traction against the mechanism that the player uses to eject it. If you feel the stuck CD start to eject, to care to ensure that it doesn't become sandwiched between the second CD and the edge of the CD slot.
If this doesn't work, repeat, but try to get the blank CD below the the jammed CD, then gently pry it upwards. CD players can differ in their precise ejection mechanism, so sometimes upward pressure can be more successful in giving the ejection mechanism traction on a stuck CD than downward pressure.
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Apply pressure to the unit. Sometimes, applying pressure to the unit itself can help the stuck CD gain traction. If the player is mounted in such a way that it's near the upper surface of the dashboard, you may have success repeating the steps in this method while pressing or gently but firmly smacking the area of the dashboard above the player.
Note that, while some have had success by banging on the dash, this can damage delicate components of the center console, so it is not recommended if your car has a GPS, etc. between the CD player and the top surface of the dashboard.

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