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WiFi problem and solutions

Postby Jammy » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:23 am

Normally our android units have the built in WiFi, you can open it to search the surrounding WiFi signal and connect to the internet.
But some of our clients said that they had the WiFi problem when use the WiFi.
If these below situations happen, please follow the corresponding suggestions to check and solve it.
1. The built in WiFi could be opened and connected, but the WiFi signal is poor or sometime the connection breaks.
This may have relation with the WiFi source you connected, please check if the WiFi router to the car distance is at the range of 3-5m.
If the unit you bought have the android 4.4 system, you can go to the Settings--WiFi to turn on the "Avoid poor connections" and "WiFi optmisation".
1.png (520.23 KiB) Viewed 12493 times

Sorry that the factory delete this settings on the new released android 5.1 system.
And actually you can share the WiFi hotspot from your smartphone, then our unit can also connect to the internet via your WiFi hotspot.
There is a way shared from one of our clients, maybe it's not suitable for all of you who have the first kind WiFi problem.
"Just used an typical WiFi antenna from an old router and brazed it on same point as the old antenna was. I did not remove the old antenna just added a second one on the old antenna output, works really good."

2. After using for a period of time, the WiFi could not be opened, but the USB port works.
It's the built in WiFi module defective or broken, you can buy a WiFi dongle(TL-WN823N) to receive WiFi signal and connect to the internet.
And you can refer the below video to use the WiFi dongle.

3. Both the built in WiFi could not be opened and the USB port could not be used any more.
It's the built in WiFi/USB switch module on the mainboard defective or broken, you can return it back to us for repair or exchange.
Here are two attached picture for you to check the USB port problem.
USB port test1.png
USB port test1.png (662.65 KiB) Viewed 12493 times

USB port test2.png
USB port test2.png (662.33 KiB) Viewed 12493 times

Or you can pay the deposit, we can send a new mainboard to replace and solve the problem.
More process about the mainboard replacement, please contact our customer service or write to "support@autopumpkin.com"

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