ND0294 issues

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Re: ND0294 issues

Postby Jammy » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:51 am

we don't configured this remote in the package . If you need it ,you need to contact the seller or the pumpkin customer service to purchase it externally from China .

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Re: ND0294 issues

Postby JukkaAakko » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:57 pm

Jammy wrote:Hi,
1.there is no BT tethering for internet connection in fact. SorWhy do directly use hot spot ? I think it is useful than BT.
2. what OBD adapter you bought ? I suggest you consider ours product Y0004 which has prove to work well with our pumpkin unit.
3.i think you had connect the wire labelled "ill" back from the unit to your dimmer ,not the positive pole of the headlight. Usually , when you turn off the headlight and the wire "ill" disconnect power ,the unit recognize it is the day and lights the screen and turn off the panel leds .
4.It is normal. However,the unit will fast boot after the first installation and then keep store the data .

1. Using Wifi hotspot is inconvient. I need to manually turn Wifi hotspot on and Wifi hotstop draind battery pretty fast. Whole point for me bying this head unit was that I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket, but no it's not fullfilling my requirements
2. I'm using Drivelooper bluetooth OBD2 module. I also have flexfuel conversion kit in my car with bluetooth and Autopumpkin head unit cannot find it neither.
3. I have connected the "ill"-wire correctly. The functionilty it provides is insane: When I dim dash board lights, the display goes brighter and the leds on the head unit goes off. Thats really stupid and illogical.

Because it seems like there is no resolution for the bluetooth connectivity issues, I will sell this head unit and by one which has proper bluetooth connectivity features...

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