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Postby Jammy » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:40 am

When the DVD player fails to read the disc or other problems, many of them are caused by system software errors. Of course, this can be solved by firmware upgrade.

Step 1 : Download the the firmware.But you need to send email to the customer services to get the link of the firmware.(Notice:Please attach the order number of your DVD player to the email)

Step 2 : Download the firmware,and copy the firmware to the USB stick or SD card.(Notice: Make sure to put the file in the USB root directory)

Step 3 :Insert the USB stick into the player,and switch to the DVD mode interface.

Step 4 :Touch the power button, after popping up the prompt box, use the remote control to input 2468, the player will recognize the firmware and pop the prompt box, select YES, the player will automatically upgrade. (Notice:Please do not power off and unplug the USB stick during the upgrade process)

If the player does not recognize the firmware and upgrade after inserting the USB stick,please format the format of USB stick into FAT32, and then repeat step 1 to step 4.

The firmware upgrade of DVD Player can be operated as the video shown.

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