Pumpkin Stere RQ0546E questions!

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Pumpkin Stere RQ0546E questions!

Postby lpadawan » Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:43 pm

Hi everyone,
I've both this great stereo for my Ford Focus a year a go and these are my question over it:

1. Is this possible to upgrade the Loolipop firmware?, this Android sucks and maybe a Android better like 6 could be better...do you know if there is any kind of update?

2. I have some issues about the ODB2 (EML327 mini) connection, I supposed this is related to the way that the pair is made because it never request me the PIN, do you know if there is something I can do about?

3. The hostpot wifi is not working fine, the only way I can do a connection if I set "none" into te security, there is something I can do about? (I made connection in the other way around it means I connect the stereo to my phone and that is working fine)

4. Some times when I start my engine the key study lost all the settings, as you can see that is totally annoying.. luckily it happens from time to time..is there any way to fix that?

5. Is there any way to save all the radio stetting?, I mean if I make a reset I have to set all those settings all over again.

Finally I let you some pictures about how my stereo look in my car!

I hope you guys has some news for me soon
Hernan ;)
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