Shell Petrol App not working

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Shell Petrol App not working

Postby phoenix3dfx225 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:10 pm

Evening all,

Recently purchased and had fitted a Pumpkin 8.0 Android Stereo into my Peugeot 206. Been wanting one of these devices for several years and have been happy to wait as I kept seeing the specs increase over time, until finally they have reached a decent level 8core decent amount of RAM and storage and Anddroid OS version - Split screen and adoptable storage features!

Only issues I've had are:

-All 4 (Channel 4 catch up app) isnt supported
-Shell Petrol app, pay from your android device crashes- This app was I have to admit something I was excited to have working from within the car rather than having to use my mobile.

Question is, has anyone else had the same issue and do we know if the devices are pre-rooted and maybe that's why All4 and Shell app are not working due to security limitations?

Anything else I need to know, new firmwares available for me? First time on this forum and excited to learn what else I can do.


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