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How To Pay?

1.Payment Methods:

1) PayPal 

Our website supports PayPal. After you finish shopping you will be guided to Paypal's platform. Your order will then be processed via the PayPal site where all of your information will be completely protected.

2) Paypal Credit Card

If you don't have Paypal account,you can also pay by MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express if you select Paypal method .

3)Pay directly by Credit Card


1. About Credit Card payments,customers need to send us photos of credit card which you used to pay and your driving license with the middle numbers of the credit card numbers covered.This means the photo of credit card just needs to show the first six and the last four of your credit card numbers. This is all for our customers' benefit since there're cheaters who uses other people's credit card to purchase from us.And this causes great loss for us and the credit card owners.Sincerely hope for all your understanding.And we will keep our customers' photos as confidential. Please note: Pumpkin won't ship out your order until we check your photos.

2.If you failed payment directly by your credit cards,you can bound your credit card with your Paypal account.Paying directly by Paypal is much easier.

4)T.T(Telegraphic Tranfer)

Please contact us at for assistance;

Western Union 

Please contact us at for assistance.


2.Total Order Amount: To preview the total amount of your order, just add an item to your shopping cart. In your cart, you can preview the shipping costs to your address. The sum of your product costs and your shipping costs is your total order amount.;

3. About the Coupon Code?

1.Please note every coupon code has a validity time,the coupon code will lose its utility if the coupon code is over the validity time when you purchase.

2.Please note there's no refund of the discount value if you didn't use the coupon code when placing the order.So please carefully check the coupon code on our website homepage and product description page before purchasing.

4. Can I order without logging in to an account?

Yes, orders can be made without a log in. However, you MUST choose Paypal as the payment method