Pumpkin Product Review Programe

Thank you for your interest in the Pumpkin Product Review Program. Before applying, please review the program introduction in full.

In order to help more people know Pumpkin products and services and make constant improvement on our products. Pumpkin Product review Program is one of the most direct ways we engage with users to learn how we can do better. With your constructive feedback and support, we can work to build better products, provide better service, and deliver a better customer experience.
You review Pumpkin recently brought products and publish the review on Forum, blog or YouTube. You submit the review link to us. After approving, we pay you for the review or give you coupon code. To get more details, please mail us: marketing@autopumpkin.com

We Strongly recommend the review on our productsw on the website like Forums, Youtube.
And we also appreciate all kinds of reviews including texts, images .

Requirements for the Product Video review:
1) The video must be a review of the product which you bought. Positives & Negatives can both include.
2) The video should include spoken English commentary.
3) After you upload the video to Youtobe , the job you need to do is share the link to your facebook, twitter and youtobe.

Requirements for the Product review on the Forums, and other websites
1) the post must be a review of the product which you bought. Positives & Negatives can both include. What's more, it can attract more attention and take part in the interactive activities
2) The forums, Blog, other website which you publish reviews on should be hot, and active. The topic of the fourm, blog has something to do with our products. Such as some Car Brands forums.
3) You are the original poster and the post Include at least 1 link of Pumpkin,attractive and more than 100 words

Professional Product Video Review -- 15USD
Common Product Video Review     -- 10 USD
Professional Passage Review   -- 5 USD or One Sticker as Gift

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