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Customers Reviews of Dual Screen DVD Player

Based on the evaluation, it is clear that there are different versions of this video collection. I have a set of 10.1" DVD players, one of the two can be the master and the second can be the slave. Both monitors have AV-In and AV-Out so master/slave roles can be changed if desired. For this to work, it is important that the slave device must switch to AV-In operation. This can be done with the remote, which, by the way, has a much nicer feel to it than these delicate foils by pressing the "mode" button.

Also, both devices are full DVD players, so they can both play DVDs on their own. You also have SD card and USB slots. The USB port can accommodate up to 128 GB (FAT32), but does not support hard drives!

Power is supplied in the car via a cigarette lighter cable with two connectors for the two displays. A power pack is included in the package for use at home or in a vacation apartment. Unfortunately, this only has one connection. Both monitors can also run independently from the built-in battery, eliminating the need for a power cord.
The resolution of the monitor is specified as 1024x600, so the movie can only be played at the maximum resolution of 720x576 (DVD format). I use the Xvid codec to convert our movies to AVI files and can recommend XMediaRecode software for this purpose. The audio track is MP3 with a sample rate of 48 kHz and 192 kbit.

Note the aspect ratio! Defaults to a maximum of 720x576, so the aspect ratio of the source must be adopted. If it comes with widescreen (720x306 ratio 2.35), then of course we end up with black borders on the top and bottom. If the film still shows a wide mouth after converting it correctly, you have to switch your monitor to "wide" (in the settings).

Run time on battery mode up to 6 hours when playing movies from a USB memory stick. In DVD mode, this happens even less. The picture is bright and clear, and the sound is good in stereo. My kids love wearing headphones in the car. In case anyone asks, there's only one headphone jack per monitor, and initially only accepts a pair of headphones.

Why the title? I used to have a 7" device with a player and a stupid monitor. The AV cable connecting the two is broken, you can't see it on Mediamarkt. That's why I bought this set. The 7" to 10" difference is impressive and the kids are ecstatic. Now they can watch different movies independently. That's great.

A word about mounting on cars. The devices have a fold-out stand, which makes them stable enough to sit on a table. For the head restraints in the car, you put them into a closed hard shell, secure it with velcro, and then use two other straps to secure the part to the head restraint. The strap is very stable, i.e. tear-resistant, and the buckle will not open again. Very well solved! Older devices (AEG DVD 4551, by the way) are doing badly.

We are very happy with the monitor we purchased. The purchase process was smooth and the delivery was fast. Our kids love that the DVD players can watch independently of each other. With the included cable, you can see the same content on both monitors. However, transferring to a second screen is only possible with DVD, so transfer via USB is unfortunately not possible. The built-in battery is also very useful, for example during longer transit times or traffic jams. The installation is also relatively stable.
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